Become a Professional Pastry Chef

The 2 years program Become a Professional Pastry Chef of City and Guilds, London offers candidates the unique opportunity to gain 2 Diplomas during their studies.

  • Diploma in Food Preparation and Culinary Arts – Patisserie
  • Diploma in Professional Patisserie and Confectionery

The program is for candidates who wish to work in the hospitality industry and specialise in Patisserie. The candidates should have knowledge of the basic principles of kitchen work, or they will demonstrate the commitment and enthusiasm to work and study in order to supplement their existing knowledge.

Towards the end of your studies you will cover all the patisserie and confectionery skills and knowledge to show you’ve got what it takes for a successful career as a pastry chef. Candidates will be required to display both practical skills and the associated knowledge in order to complete the assessments.

We provide a unique opportunity to enhance your learning and at the same time introduce you to the industry workforce.

These qualifications are specialized vocational training programs especially designed to help professionals and beginners enhance their knowledge and skill with sole purpose in their career advancement. These are aligned to the Global Hospitality Certification, developed in partnership with World chefs and managers of leading hotels around the world.

Internships/Working experience for all programs: We have a large number of partner hotels, restaurants, cafes and anything related to the Hospitality Industry where we can help provide places for our students to practice and at the same time have an income.

Course Frequency: Students come to class 3 times a week 12hours – 2 times for practical courses (8hrs) and 1 for theoretical courses (4hrs)

Portfolio: During the academic year students create their own portfolio. The portfolio acts as a passport to a student’s knowledge and skills when he or she wants to join the workplace and is usually given during interviews.

Diplomas: At the end of the program and after the students succeed in their examinations, they receive their Diploma. All diplomas are sent by the educational organization City & Guilds London.

 What you can find out from our prospectus?

Our prospectus offers a wealth of information.

It provides a summary of the programs as well as the course structure. To achieve the 2 years certification, learners must succeed in all of the units listed in the table.

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