Amuse Bouche Event 2024

Amuse Bouche Event – A culinary experience!18 May 2024 | 5-8pmParticipants will have the opportunity to watch and taste amuse bouche dishes from executive chefs!! Advance booking! Bar Station – Ktima Tselepos Fresh Oyster station – Very Shellfish Sushi/Asian station – Nihao Steaks & Meat Station Fusion Station An unforgettable evening of gastronomic discovery! We…

Pizza & Pasta Masterclass, 14 June 2024

Transport your taste buds to the sun-soaked streets of Napoli with our Pizza and Pasta Masterclass! Alfa & Pasta La Molisana by #SureFood collaborates to teach you the art of authentic Italian pizzas and pastas! Join us and bring a slice of Napoli to your kitchen! Advance booking only!! PRICE: €50 per person! TIME: 18:00-21:00

Easter Festive Tsoureki Masterclass

All the secrets behind making the fluffiest, tastiest traditional tsoureki! Masterclass menu:Plain Tsoureki with orange flavour*****Tsoureki with chestnut filling*****Babka (hazelnut chocolate)*****Khaliyat al nahl syrupy breads******Easter cookies TIME: 16:00-19:00 PRICE: €50 per person – Advance booking only!

Street Food Masterclass, 6 April 2024

Experience the vibrant world of street food!!🍽️ Masterclass menu: 🔪Brioche buns with smoked salmon 🔪Bao Buns with Duck and Hoisin onions pickles 🔪Empanadas with Beef and Shrimps 🔪Sticky Soy Honey Chicken Kebabs 🔪Beef Yakitori TIME: 16:00-19:00 PRICE: €50 per person – Advance booking only!

Politiki Cuisine Masterclass, 17 Febr. 2024

Masterclass Politiki Cuisine Politiki Cuisine relies on fresh and quality produce, cooked in their original form embellishing taste with herbs and spices. Politiki Cuisine is characterized by sweet and sour tastes, vegetables cooked in oil (ladera – λαδερά), and prominent flavors such as cinnamon, lemon, dill, and sugar. TIME: 16:00-19:00PRICE: €50 per person – Advance…