Alfa Beverage & Culinary Academy offers a variaety of services to cater for the needs of individuals and organisations alike.

These events are ideal for personal celebrations including birthdays, showers or dinner/lunch with special friends and have our Academy’s Chef as your personal Chef throughout your special celebration.

Book your private cooking event at Alfa Academy and enjoy a unique and delicious day with your friends or family.

We know how much time and effort every parent puts into their kids’ birthday party so just leave that to us!
Book our venue for the Birthday Girl/Boy and give your kid(s) a chance to cook with their friends along our Chef’s guidance and have a wonderful experience while celebrating.

The birthday Girl/Boy as well as their friends will get to prepare their meal at this interactive party alongside our Chef!

– individual pizzas (incl. requested toppings)
– burgers
– cookies

There is a fixed price of €300 for a party of 15 kids and €10 for every kid if the party exceeds the number of 15guests.

Being an Adult does not mean you should stop having fun.

We invite you to an alternative wayof celebrating private birthday parties.
Cook your own menu under the instructions of our chefs!

Being a Maid of Honour or a  Groomsman can sometimes feel like a hard task especially when trying to put together an unforgettable Hen’s or Bachelor Party for the Bride or the Groom.

Do you want to engage the Bride or Groom and guests into a unique and bonding session? Then this is your opportunity to give them an unforgettable and entertaining Day with friends and family.

Book our Academy’s venue for your daytime celebration and make the Bride or the Groom as well as the guests feel special with your personal Chef’s guidance. Finalising your celebration while enjoying the meal prepared, as well as the wine of choice served.

The purpose of team building is to increase trust, improve communication, increase collaboration and increase or maintain motivation.
Alfa offers you a unique experience to bring colleagues to work together in a productive and fun way.