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The academy’s ambition is to equip you with the basic  knowledge you need within a kitchen’s environment.

Our sessions are carefully structured in order to provide our students from all different segments, with the necessary confidence and skills to enable them in creating any dish they please, or to help them enhance their abilities to create outstanding dishes on their own. ALFA’s chefs will be your guide through all the theoretical as well as practical techniques applied through the sessions.

Subjects covered within our sessions:

  • Selection, use and care of knives and small equipment
  • Useful information and healthy eating in practice
  • Methods of Cookery
  • Culinary Terms


and many more!

  • Starting date: 10/09/2019
  • Duration: 10 lessons
  • Cost: €450

Our Main Teachers

Price : 450 €

Max Availability : 20

Typology : Premium